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Freedom in North Korea - Free Essay Example

The peninsula of the Koreas has been established since ancient times, dating back to around 668 AD. It was with the uprising of the Silla Dynasty that the Korean people had been first united, providing an opportunity to create a culture and civilization of their own It went on that way for centuries, until in 1910, when the Chosun Dynasty was forced to an end by Japan. Japan had colonized Korea in a harsh and violent manner (North Korea History 1). It caused an outbreak of Korean and Chinese resistance groups that took opposing political views; mostly leftist. Korea and Japan still have bad relations to this day as a result of the oppression led by Japanese Imperial Administration (North Korea History 1). It was also during this time that Korea began to adapt western culture. More specifically, the city of Pyongyang was a modern center for Christianity and culture. Next in history, the country of Korea was split into two; the northern and the southern half. It took place in 1945, when World War II came to a close and Japan had been defeated The Soviet Union and the United states had decided to then evenly split the country between themselves. On August 10, 1945, two US soldiers had fashioned a supposedly temporary line that put forth the boundaries of the Soviet and US territory. However, this line turned permanent and increasingly influential with the commencement of the Cold War (North Korea History 1). At this point, the US and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), did not want to lose any power of their respective land, so they each established leaders. Both sides did not trust the other, so it was impossible for one to rule the entirety of Korea, this two were chosen. The United States gave South Korea Syngman Rhee, and the USSR gave the North Kim Il-sung (North Korea History 1). It took only three years, for these makeshift leaders to claim themselves to be legitimate representative of the people, and a real government was established. Everything is downhill from this point on. North Koreas leader, Kim Il-sung, demands for a military control on the country, and instills war on its Southern neighbor in 1950. This marks the beginning of the most horrific war in Korean history. The US was involved and dropped a multitude bombs, and because of that the city of Pyongyang was turned into ash and debris. North Korea also lost around 10 percent of its population, over 2.5 million people ( 1). The Korean war ended in 1953 and a demilitarized zone, spreading over two miles wide, between the two sides was established ( Editors 1). From 1953-1970, the North Korean government attempted to create a Stalinist State. With this, comes a severe lack of freedom for civilians, even though from the outside, North Koreans are thought to be better of than the Southern half. That was not the case. Kim Il-sung remodeled North Korean society along the lines of Juche†North Koreas radically nationalistic ideology promoting Korean autonomy (North Korea 101 1 ). In return, almost everything private belonged to the state, anywhere from organizations and business to essentially the shoes on ones feet were owned by the government. The regime had rebuilt Pyongyang. Unfortunately, it was no longer a vibrant city full of cultural expression, rather a socialist capital with idealization and propaganda through monuments for its leader. Kim Il-sung chose this type of control solely for obedience of his people. This power-hungry motive continued until it had possessed an authority over media and even travel (North Korea 101 1). Freedom of speech is one thing that North Korea has gotten rid of. It started when the government had developed the Songbun System. It is currently still being used in their society today. The regime had the ability to split the entire population into a system of social classes, based on the individuals loyalty to socialism and the regime (North Korea 101 1). This loyalty determined possible jobs, where one lived, and even where one could go to school. Consequently, about 25 percent of the capitals population was kicked out. They were forced to move to lower quality places due to a perceived notion of loyalty (North Korea 101 1). Additionally, anyone who went against this system was silenced and perceived as lower class. Freedom of speech no longer exists. No one is advised to openly discuss a dislike for the government. In fact, it is incredibly frowned upon. If anyone is reported for such crimes, a couple things could occur; you and your family would suddenly disappear, you could face public execution, and/ or up to three generations of your family could be imprisoned in political prison camps (North Korea 101 1). To elaborate, when one disappears it is assumed they are in a prison camp or worse, dead. One woman explained that when her dad was detained in 2010, she and her family would visit every day bringing food and water, but one day, he was gone without any explanation (Robertson 1). These human rights violations taking place are normalized here, even considered a state policy (Robertson 1). Since it is against the law to speak out, it is encouraged to report those around you. Children are told to give accounts of their parents, neighbors are instructed to tell on other neighbors, and basically anyone you hear disobeying the regime you should report. Along with freedom of speech, any sense of trust has been annihilated in the citizens of this country. In the end, a want for a higher quality life and no reason for the government to notice them, made it s o many people are forced to focus their entire life around the regime and socialism. Another freedom that is stripped from the people of North Korea, is the ability to move inside the country and especially the ability to travel outside the country. The policies are unbelievably strict. If one wishes to move to another part of the area, he/she would require special permission from the state. These permission certificates will get one through checkpoints placed around the country (Dukalskis 1).To get these certificates, one would need to have a specific purpose for doing so and get it signed off by their work unit. The purpose must directly be something that has an advantage for the country. For anyone outside the capital of Pyongyang, it is most likely access will be denied (North Korea 101 1). So, no one can go on vacation just for the sake of travel because it is not a right given to any of the citizens. It is something that is earned. Most regular people are prohibited from free travel. However, there are certain cases that allow one more access to travel. For exa mple, athletes competing on national teams abroad, cultural representatives participating in performances and cultural exchange abroad, diplomats and their family, business people on a mission to secure trade with other countries, whether that be import or export, or girls working as waitresses in one of the many Pyongyang restaurant chain outlets abroad can all get approved for travel (Dukalskis 1). Many people attempt to sneak out of the country without being detected. It is particularly risky to endeavour this if one has family they are leaving behind. They could be severely punished for that persons actions. Often those leaving go to either China or South Korea. It is safest if one makes it to Mongolia because they will safelty bring you to South Korea to seek refuge (Dukalskis 1). However, if one is caught, they could be deported back to North Korea which is a huge problem in itself. Many of those who are found guilty of leaving, will end up rotting in prison camps. According to man by the name of Scott Kim, who attempted to leave on three separate accounts, he was sent to a prison camp where he and the others were treated like animals (Kim 1). He first tried to escape in 2001, when he was only 17. Him and his mother were trying to get to China, so they could finally get some food to eat as they were living in a horrific famine. They almost made it when his neighbor reported him to the officials, and had him sent back. When detained, he was forced to move from place to place on all fours, crawling. They lost all their rights as a human. They were beaten with numerous different objects: sticks, hands, etc. Over 100,000 people face the same treatment as Kim did: being tortured, starved, and forced to complete extreme labor (Jacobs 1). It is difficult to imagine everything these citizens are put through for seeking a safe means of travel, and the consequences if not followed correctly. The freedom to travel is not something North Koreans have the luxury of enduring. North Korea is a country that has developed through decades of hardship and colonization by different nations. It has ended up in disaster and a overall horrible place that strips the rights of its citizens on a day to day basis. There is no safe place to be as everyone around you has the ability and a motive to turn you in. Also a country where you can hardly travel from the location you were put in based off of a biased social class system. The leaders of North Korea expect total obedience, and therefore leads to a country built off lies and mistreatment of everyone living in it.

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Class issues in 1890s America - 1375 Words

Class issues in 1890s America (Essay Sample) Content: Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Class issues in 1890s America A person's background enables one to acclimate to unexpected and different situations no matter how rapid and far-reaching the transformation might be. This is affirmed by the book "A Year in the South, 1865" by Stephen V. Ash. The author focuses on four people who included: Cornelia McDonald, a wife to a Confederate army officer and also a mother, who lived in Lexington; Louis Hughes, a learned slave in the Deep South, Tombigbee in Alabama; Samuel Agnew, an exempted priest from the Army, who lived in the County of Tippah in Mississippi. Finally, there was John Robertson, an ex-confederate enthusiast who sought to settle down and lead devout life after giving in to defeat, and who lived in the eastern parts of Tennessee. They belonged to entirely different backgrounds and the events that had happened altered their lives to adapt to the direction that the South was headed. The South and the North were used to quite different lifestyles before the Civil War broke out. These lifestyle differences caused much tension between these two factions of the community. Upon Abraham Lincoln's election to office in 1860, the tension, anxiety and fear amongst the Southern elites heightened but the succession occurred without a hitch. The Deep Southern states formed a "Confederacy governmentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ , and Davis Jefferson headed it. The Southerners kept so many fundamental life facets in their hearts, the ones for which they went to war to defend. During that period, it was imperative for a man to fight for honor and protection of the family's name, alongside fulfilling the South's paternalist culture. The whites, as well as the African Americans people, were much aware of the hierarchy, class and social distinctions that were in place in the society. Slavery was the place reserved for the African Americans in the society dominated by the white citizens (Ryan 65 ). The author describes how Cornelia McDonald's life took a drastic change due to the Civil War. She had previously led a wealthy and classy lifestyle of an elite woman of the Southern culture. She was not supposed to work on since her husband, according to the Southern culture, was keeping her as a symbol of his wealth. When the war commenced, her husband left to join the fight to defend his family name and honor following the Southern cultural beliefs. Cornelia was left to take care of her family as she had seven children to look after. At the heat of the war, she was forced out of her home, and she became a war refugee. Being a refugee, the writer notes that "She now had to perform chores that she had never imagined doing." Cornelia now had to attend to tasks that, previously, her slaves used to do. Cornelia struggled so much to keep her social class distinction even as she was reduced to attending to household duties. According to the author, it was essential to her that she maintained her elite class in the society, even after things had changed for the worse. Cornelia did better in keeping her family fed and clothed using the resources she possessed. However, she was not psychologically prepared at all for what the Civil War had caused her family. The writer goes ahead to talk of the shoemaker who assisted Cornelia to keep maintain an elite female look. The cobbler could permit Cornelia to take shoes for her children from him having pledged to pay later. This was something she was not used to being an elite. The writer points out how Cornelia was feeling the stresses of her situation in winter as he states, "Cornelia's situation at the beginning of winter was indisputably bad, but she never viewed it as despairing. She had her elder kids to whom she could lean on; she also po ssessed significant resources of talent and strength.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  The author goes further to note that Cornelia had a ring of benefactors as well as friends who kept encouraging her during her traumatizing moments. She was full of persistence as she could not accept the change. Being without his husband, a paternalist, she knew her sons would take his place in protecting her by working hard the whole day without a chance to attend school due to the prevailing situation at that time (Rose 90). This, however, did little to change her perception about herself and how her family lives. Many women in 1865, just like her, were going through the same problems because most of them had lost their husbands during the war. People had lost their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers who had decided to fight for the Confederacy. The writer describes how Cornelia, just like many other elites, had developed a deep hatred towards the Yankees. She kept on resenting them because she deeply believed in the Confederate cause due to her husband's rank in the army and al so her social class. Cornelia is a proof that the post-Civil War occurrences presented a significant change to most of the Southern elites. On the other hand, she demonstrates how difficult it was for people of her kind to adapt to the social change brought about by the war. Most of the elite members of the society were unwilling relent on the belief in social distinctions and their attitudes towards the cause of the Civil War. A good number of people that were immensely affected by the war and believed that they were transitioning from the Old South to the New South included Louis Hughes. The author describes him as being a slave whose whole life, knew nothing more than the life given to him at the plantations and also at the salt factory where he used to work. Louis had no idea on what to do with the freedom he got. He had not known any other life than working for the elite. At the summer of 1865, the South was declared free, and all the slaves were freed. Most of them, Louis being one, had not known how to live a freedman's way of life until that summer. However, many slave owners during that time found it hard to come to terms with the reality that their reign over the African Americans was long over as they continued to make them work in the plantations and fields. Louis' master was amongst the elites who held on to the slaves even after they were declared free. The writer explains that the only way that the slaves working under such masters could free themselves was to escape. Louis had previously attempted to escape unsuccessfully, but his dedication to his young child and wife finally pushed him to succeed finally. As concluded by the author, the slaves knew that if they kept staying at the plantations while waiting to be rescued, they would have been there for a very long time. Louis' conversation with a friend, George, concluded his urge and willingness to escape from his master. He told George, "I mean that right now, today is the time to make a run for our freedom." Hughes clearly understood that this was the appropriate time to break free. After succeeding, he later returned with several officers of the Union to emancipate his family and all the other Africa Americans who were willing to be free. The author affirms that gaining freedom was a great beginning for Louis, who had never had any freedom to make personal decisions or even to decide how he wants to live his life. As Louis and his family reunited with their extended families and embarked on building a life for themselves, it should be noted that the 1865 was an important year to the slaves' lives. The year 1865 meant a lot to the slaves, and it encouraged them that the South was changing finally as they were struggling to adapt to their new free world (Ash 89). The emancipation of the African American slaves also hugely affected the farm and plantation owners. One such a family was Sam Agnew's, who experienced the whole history of slavery from its rise and fall. Such families were distraught over the significant change of attitude by the slaves. Seeing the slaves become free did not augur well with the slave-owning cla...

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The Scream Free Essay Example, 1000 words

Baron thinks he is average in intelligence. Elsa found his jealousy â€Å"cute. † But she said that she and Duke are just best friends, nothing more or less. The less part is too highlighted. It’s like a threat that Baron should not interfere with a solid friendship. When they started going out, Elsa eventually lost time for Duke. Baron believes this made Duke a bitter man, but he might be just paranoid. Elsa and Duke got married and after a year, it was Afghanistan. One month in Afghanistan and Elsa calls him. Baron got the great news that he would be a father. He was so happy, shedding a tear drop or two. But something in Elsa’s voice bothered him, something trembling, and something unexpected. He told this to his psychiatrist. But his psychiatrist thought he was just being anxious because it was his first month away from his normal life and wife. He is concerned of their marriage because many military marriages fall apart. Baron couldn’t figure it out. But the idea that something was so wrong stays inside his mind, growing and growing. We will write a custom essay sample on The Scream or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now He wants to know why Elsa seemed so sad, when she told him that she was pregnant. She should be happy, jumping for joy, because they want to start a family. But her voice and happiness seemed controlled. What was she afraid of? As a self-confessed bi-polar man, Baron is not happy about it. When he told his wife that he is a paranoid bi-polar mess, she embraced him, much too tighter than ordinary. Those embraces are getting frequent nowadays. He embraces her back with both arms. Her soft body can be comforting to his messy mind. Then, Eliza runs to them and a group hug happens. Life is good; at least when he’s calm and his mind does not travel to places where it should not go. Duke drops by for a visit, for what reason Baron is not clear about. It’s not Elsa’s birthday. It’s Eliza’s birthday tomorrow. But he’s not a godparent. Maybe he wants to catch up and see that Elsa is happy with her husband. And she must be. Baron believes this so. But the strain in the environment is like a strain on his head, like a bag is on his face and he can’t breathe. When he first saw Duke, he looked so distinguished. He was a doctor already, not a nurse. His red BMW shone like the red sun. Elsa was so happy to see him and invited him to stay until Eliza’s birthday. It’s Sunday so they all go to the wharf. Eliza is running a few steps ahead. She looks back and smiles, with her green eyes and dimples lighting up the sunset even more. The orange of the sky mixes with the blue.

The Case Of Republican Louie Gohmert - 860 Words

Republican Louie Gohmert, currently serves as the representative for the first district of Texas, which includes 12 counties located in East Texas. Being first sworn into Congress on January 4, 2005, Gohmert is now proudly serving his seventh term as Representative. In his early years, Gohmert attended Texas AM University where he received his undergraduate degree, while also being on active duty commitment to the Army. Afterwards, he attended Baylor School of Law and graduated as Class President with a numerous amount of awards from the Moot Court Society, in which he was also President. He now serves on many House committees and subcommittees in the House of Representatives. Including, Vice Chairman of the House Natural Resources†¦show more content†¦Republican John Cornyn was first elected to the United States Senate on November 5, 2002, by winning more than 55 percent of all votes. In 2008, he was reelected for a second term as U.S. Senator of Texas, and also in 2014 for his third term, where he is currently serving. In 1973, Senator Cornyn attended Trinity University, located in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Where he had first wanted to become a doctor and major in Biology, but after realizing he didn’t have a passion for it, Cornyn switched majors and graduated with a degree in journalism. Afterwards in 1977, he attended St. Mary’s Law School, in San Antonio, Texas, where he graduated with a specialist in defending doctors and lawyers in malpractice suits. In 1995, Senator Cornyn earned a Masters of Law from the University of Virginia. His committee assignments are Committee on Finance, Committee On The Judiciary, and Select Committee on Intelligence. On September 7, 2017 Senator Cornyn introduced the S.1781 bill, or National White Color Crime Control Act of 2017. This bill would reauthorize grant programs to improve the prevention, investigation, and prosecution of white collar crimes. It has been read twice and referred to t he Committee on the Judiciary. Another bill introduced by Cornyn, is the Building America’s Trust Act. Which would authorize $15 billion over 4 years to build a border across the United States full Southern Border. The bill is currently in Congress waitingShow MoreRelatedEssay about Budget Economy in the United States2095 Words   |  9 PagesJune eighty-one percent agreed that conditions were poor. As of now unemployment stands at a whopping nine-point-one percent. Another poll was taken to see what Americans think is the problem, resulting in fifty-two percent blaming the previous Republican regime, while only thirty-two percent blame Obama and other Democrats. Therefore, conditions are moving nowhere towards a positive outcome, and it shall remain that way for quite a while, but since the economy has not gotten better at all, moreRead MoreWhy Guns Should Be Banned9315 Words   |  38 Pagessafe? The only problem is that guns are mostly just able to be used as a scare ta ctic for criminals, rather than being any good for actual defense. A home is close quartered, with many obstacles standing in the way of you and your target. In most cases, physical combat would be better for home defense, because it will actually damage your opponent, rather than wasting bullets. Not to mention that keeping a gun in the house is dangerous, even without a firefight for your homes safety. A study showedRead MoreWhy Guns Should Be Banned9306 Words   |  38 Pagessafe? The only problem is that guns are mostly just able to be used as a scare tactic for criminals, rather than being any good for actual defense. A home is close quartered, with many obstacles standing in the way of you and your target. In most cases, physical combat would be better for home defense, because it will actually damage your opponent, rather than wasting bullets. Not to mention that keeping a gun in the house is dangerous, even without a firefight for your homes safety. A study showed

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Leadership Style What Type Of Leader Are You - 962 Words

Leadership Style: What Type of Leader Are You? By Michael T Nicholas | Submitted On February 02, 2011 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Michael T Nicholas Anyone who has studied leadership knows that there are as many approaches to it as there are people. This is inevitable because, whether people realise it or not, their leadership style is a direct consequence of the way their unique nature expresses itself. So how can we define a model that provides a clear development path to enable you to improve your leadership? As Ken Blanchard reminded us, The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority. In other words, leadership works through people and culture - not the hierarchy and systems which can so limit a company s growth. That s why I believe that one of the most useful approaches to leadership development focuses on the underlying attitude that leaders have to other people, in particular, the need for influencing skills rather than attempts to control. Controlling behaviour suppresses the motivation of employees to bring their best to their organisations. By looking at the approach of leaders in relation to the balance that they adoptShow MoreRelatedDifferent Types Of Leadership Styles1330 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is Leadership? Why are there so many types of Leadership? Which one is the right one? These are all important questions people who are trying to lead ask. John Maxwell a well-known author on leadership stated simply â€Å"Leadership is influence†. There are numerous types of leadership styles, they all have their strong points about them, and depending who you are the circumstances can dictate which type of person with what type of leadership style will be successful. In this paper I will discussRead MoreLeadership Self Assessment Of The Field Of Nursing Leadership1130 Words   |  5 PagesLeadership Self-Assessment In the field of nursing leadership is critical within the units and nursing practice. However, in the healthcare feel we may find ourselves interacting with different types of leaders. Upon completion of my leadership self-assessment, I was found to be a Participative, (democratic) type leader. To understand what this means the individual must understand that there are three main types of leadership styles. There is the Authoritarian, (autocratic) leader, participativeRead MoreLeadership As A Position Of Power And Authority1499 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership in Nursing Practice What do you think of when you hear the word leadership? I think of someone who is in a position of power and is leading everyone to a better future. That could be considered a little idealistic, but it is a pleasant thought. Now we all know a leader is someone who leads people to complete sets of common goals and tasks. Leaders are everywhere. They are doing everyday things and seeing everyday people, but they are leaders in their profession, and that includes nursingRead MoreDifferent Styles Of Leadership And Its Impact On The Sailor s And Missions That We Lead910 Words   |  4 Pagesdifferent styles of leadership and if we are to stick to just one type of style it could have a negative impact on the Sailor’s and missions that we lead. As leaders we need to be aware of our personnel and make sure that we are using the right type of leadership and that we do not become complacent in our style of leadership. In this paper we will look at three types of leadership, Situation al Leadership, Transformational Leadership, and Transactional Leadership. Situational Leadership SituationalRead MoreLeadership Is Not A One Side Approach1392 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership is not a one side approach. One will be able to guide its team for challenging situations when the different leadership style are known. There are three known leadership styles that can be used to become more effective leader: autocratic leaders, democratic leaders, lalssez-faire leaders. However, one’s personal approach can be a blend to these, depending on one’s preferences, the needs of your people and the present situation. Also when the leadership framework is understood, one canRead MoreEssay on Ldr 531 My Leadership Style1411 Words   |  6 PagesMy Leadership style Osamede Tony Igodan LDR/531 February 24, 2012 Suzanne Dunham My Leadership style Leaders are some of the most influential individuals in any society. They have the ability to influence those around them with various leadership styles including coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and coaching. Effective leaders consistently adapt to the environment around them to either enhance or correctRead MoreLeadership Styles Of Team Leadership959 Words   |  4 Pagesthat you are having problems with your team embracing the FISH! philosophy, and that there is a lack of employee engagement from your directors in charge of the various departments at DPU. I have done some research on leadership in regards to different approaches to team leadership. I wanted to share with you what I discovered. I researched three different styles of team leadership to be able to provide you with a sufficient amount of background to be confident in my recommendation for you. LeadershipRead MoreManagement Styles in the Workplace Essay1266 Words   |  6 Pages Management Styles in the Workplace Purpose Statement: My purpose today is to inform you on four different management styles in the workplace. Thesis Statement: It is important for managers to understand their management style when certain situations arise in the work place, by knowing your management style you will become a better leader. Introduction: Have you ever been told, â€Å"Do it this way or don’t do it at all?† if so do you know what type of leadership or management style this. Well todayRead MoreLeadership Vs. Situational Leadership1530 Words   |  7 PagesLeadership is seen as a process where a person influences others in doing a specific task. When a leader want to motivate or influences his employees or assist them in their career development, they need to understand which type of leadership style they should use, which can be challenging. According to Ken Blanchard, leadership is â€Å"the pattern of behaviors you use when you are trying to influence the behavior of others as perceived by them†. There are various types of leadership models which canRead MoreLeadership Styles And Its Impact On Society1323 Words   |  6 Pages Leaders in society are changing the way that lead corporation and organization due to the inventions brought on by technology. Leadership styles have reshaped in the last several years in order to keep up with the latest trends. Years ago there was only one style of leadership that shaped America. It was Authoritarian. In order to understand how leadership styles have changed, all leadership’s styles must first be explained. Styles of Leadership- Authoritarian, Democratic, and Laissez-Faire

The Federal Government Budget Process - 1761 Words

When it comes to the government not many people fully understand what is going on, especially when it comes to the budget and how they decide what to spend things on. Some people just tend to look at a country and see a huge amount of debt and just assume that the country isn’t doing well. When people look at the United States of America they see a country that is a world power. People see a country that overcame many conflicts and is still trying to develop further, as much as possible. A country that has a lot of opportunities. But those opportunities would be in place if there wasn’t a process for the federal government budget. The United States government is filled with many checks and balances to avoid conflicts. Whether it’s though†¦show more content†¦The first step to creating the federal government budget is the President submits a budget request to Congress. The executive branch gets requests from the federal agencies saying that different thin gs and projects need money or that they don’t need money. So basically they discuss what project is more important. Yet these are all only proposals so they can either be accepted or denied depending on what the people think the country needs. The second step to creating the federal government budget is the House and Senate pass budget resolutions. â€Å"A budget resolution is not a binding document, but it provides a framework for Congress for making budget decisions about spending and taxes.† In this process they set limits but do not create the actual budgets for the programs. â€Å"After the House and Senate pass their budget resolutions, some members from each come together in a joint conference to iron out differences between the two versions, and the resulting reconciled version is then voted on again by each chamber.† The third step to creating the federal government budget is the House and Senate Appropriations subcommittees markup appropriations bills. â€Å"The chair of each subcommittee writes a first draft of the subcommittee s appropriations bill, abiding by the

Chemistry planning and designing lab Essay Example For Students

Chemistry planning and designing lab Essay Lab#Date:Topic: The reactivity seriesProblem: Which of the following metals are more reactive with acids magnesium, zinc, aluminum, iron, lead, and copper?Hypothesis: Aluminum is the most reactive with acids because it occurs in group III. Aim: To perform a comparative test on which metal is the most reactive with acids. Experiment: A comparative test is done using time to find which metal has the fastest reaction Skill: P DApparatus : Equipment: 1. 6 beakers 2. Water 3. Measuring cylinder4. Watch or Clock Materials: 1. Aluminum foil 2.Copper coin 3.Lead pellets 4.Zinc from a battery 5. Magnesium from Antacid 6. Iron Shavings Reagents: 1. HCl Procedure: 1 Rinse the containers with distilled water. 2. Pour 25cm3 of HCl in each beaker by use of measuring cylinder. 3.Insert each of the different sample metals into a beaker one at a time. 4.Observe and record the amount of time before the reaction stops with clock. 5. Make a table of your observations. 6. Setup a control using water as the reagent. Variables: Independent: Aluminum foil, Copper coin, lead pellets, Zinc from a battery,Magnesium from Antacid, and Iron Shavings. Dependent: Reaction TimeControlled: HClControl: This is an identical experiment using water as your reagent. Data: The reaction time for the different metals , to show which is the most reactive in acids. MetalsReaction Time/seconds in acids. MagnesiumAluminumZincIronCopperPrediction: Aluminum will be the most reactive because it is in group 3 which has the least amount of electrons to loose. Results: The results for reaction time of the different metals, to show which is the most reactive in acids. No results were obtained from the control for there was no reaction. MetalsReaction Time/seconds in acids. Magnesium10Aluminum15Zinc30Iron20Copper27Limitations: 1.Clock and equipment may not have been used properly. Assumption: Aluminum is not the most reactive with acids, in order of the most reactive to the least reactive they are: Magnesium, Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Zinc. Conclusion: The most reactive metal was found to be Magnesium and not Aluminuim.